Our Generator services deliver powerful expertise to each job site. We provide installation and service for the lifetime of your FG Wilson generator sets ranging from 10kW to 2Mw. Never experienced an FG Wilson Generator? Expect quality and efficiency from a company with over forty-five years experience in the supply of diesel and gas generator sets. Their product range includes open and enclosed generator sets providing prime and standby power.

fgw_logoFG Wilson’s fuel-efficient diesel generator sets are manufactured to the highest UK standards – standards that are uniform across their manufacturing facilities around the world. With global production in Brazil, China, India, the USA and company headquarters in Northern Ireland, their manufacturing operations have the capacity to produce more than 132,000 generator sets each year. These top-quality generators are supplied to clients in over 150 countries. FG Wilson’s global experience and engineering expertise ensures they are best placed to deliver the most cost effective and technically advanced power generation systems around the world. When you buy a FG Wilson, you’re not just buying a machine, but a trusted company that will be around to help you for the life of your genset.